A video from the creationist website [revolutioninchrist.com] which tries to prove that macro evolution is a lie, this is in all aspects so wrong and so unaccurate that I just couldn’t stop laughing. Enjoy!

If you really want to learn about human evolution I recommend you to go and watch the complete “Walking with Cavemen” series from the BBC.


2 Responses to “evilution”

  1. croixian1 Says:

    I wanted to laugh, really I did, but the ignorance was so astounding that I couldn’t. What is even scarier is that someone put so much programming time into the video, but very little, if any, into actual research on evolution.

  2. netkrash Says:

    Yeah I understand you couldn’t laugh at all, this is hardcore stuff but I finally gave up hating creationists, they are just too.. hmm how to put it gently.. stupid to even start argue with them.

    If they want to avoid reality, belive in god or in any other stupid superstition I personally don’t care anymore, it’s their loss really.

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