Educational crisis in public chilean schools

Yes, I know I only write about bad stuff, but I can’t write about good stuff because I haven’t really seen any lately, if I ever come across a positive situation I’ll gladly write about it. Let’s get to the point now.

In Chile our education is divided in different kinds of schools: public schools, private schools and a mix, which are in part funded by the State and part funded by private sectors. That’s wonderful if all sectors are able to support and deliver similar level of education and the best quality possible. In reality, private schools are far superior than public/mixed schools in most cases, of course there are very good public schools but this are very small in number or percentage compared to the number of good private schools. What’s the difference between them? basically, price. They by law are forced to teach the same stuff in the same way. Private schools does cost money, the good ones cost even more than the minimum wage, some times way more than that.

Let’s look at some statistics:

– Minimum wage is at US $300 (this means $10 dollar a day, $1 is just above poverty line by international standards) [edited: stupid mistake, see comments 🙂 thanks!]
– 30% of the richest owns 65.7% of the money
– 30% of the poorer owns 8% of the money
– The rest has to split the 26.2% left.

This is very unfair, because the vast majority of the population is either poor or middle class and they can’t access to good private schools for obvious reasons. So, what’s the solution? Simple, make public schools better or equal to private ones. How? investing in infrastructure, funding the schools with best results, raising the teachers wage, test the teacher skills on a regular basis, fire bad ones, keeping and compensating good ones. Education is all about money folks, as most things in life, now get over it. If we really want to close the gap and raise our value as a country and grow faster we really need to think of education as the base to make things happen, of course it will take time, training anyone out of basic school takes 12 years, then 6 or more years to get college education, this is a long project but it has to get done.

So, what’s the crisis we’re having? well.. we really have idiots administrating the State’s money, which is really taxes sucked out of hard working people. Corruption is systematic and inserted into the bluechip of the Goverment, they do steal money from us every day and every second. How is it possible that the school books are still not delivered completely to all public schools after 3 months of classes?, and how is it possible that 40% of the children do not have the minimum required skills to their age?, this is awfully sad, I grew up naive and thinking everybody got the education I got back when I was at school (yes it was a private one), I really thought most kids really have similar oportunities and it’s upon them to make the difference even with little or no money at all, I’m an adult now, tomorrow I’ll be 24 years old and I’m deeply touched and concerned.



5 Responses to “Educational crisis in public chilean schools”

  1. Francisco Cifuentes Says:

    Solo una cosa:

    “- Minimum wage is at US $300 (this means $1 dollar a day, which is just above the poverty line by international standards)”

    en realidad US$300 al mes son, US$10 al dia… ((300/30=10))

  2. netkrash Says:


    fue un grave error.


  3. Electric Griddle · Says:

    actually public schools can also give great education to your kids, it is also as good as most private schools “

  4. Skin Moisturizers Says:

    the public schools on our district can really give some good education to young kids. they have high standards ~;-

  5. ashleyvaldez7421 Says:

    WOW! Nerve damage huh.. I did some woodburning on my son’s lock box for Boy Scout Camp and the putting pressure on the burner and the heat of it is Click

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